AHC 8.0 Terms and Conditions

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AHC 8 – Tech Hiring Contest – Terms and Conditions


  1. Contest starts on January 27th, 2020.
  2. Contest ends on March 31st, 2020.
  3. To participate, fill the form on the AHC8 Tech Fresher Hiring 2019-20 Page.
  4. People who have participated in AHC 6.0 are not eligible for AHC 8.0 Fresher Hiring.
  5. Download EduThrill App from www.eduthrill.com OR Play store/ App Store (Note: We are not supporting AHC8 Tech Fresher Hiring 2019-20 on our iOS App)
  6. Login and start playing games on topic “AHC8 Tech Fresher Hiring 2019-20”
  7. Webcam will be enabled for all the users playing under AHC8 Tech Fresher Hiring 2019-20
  8. You need to login to the application using the password that is sent on your registered email id.

General Information

  1. Accolite HR team will touch base with you once you clear the passing criteria. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for Accolite HR team to start and finish the interview process. For successful candidates, the HR will contact the candidate via the contact details filled in the registration form.
  2.  If two players are tied on the same success %, the one who has taken the greater number of assessment tests will be considered to have a better rank.
  3. In case of any error/issue, You can write us on ahc8@accoliteindia.com
  4. EduThrill is the prime authority over the platform and can utilize/use/refer to job seeker’s performance analysis in any way.
  5. EduThrill is not liable to any Job seeker for placements.


  1. All the freshers (passing in June 2020) are eligible to participate in the hiring challenge.
  2. Participants must not be an employee, officer or an agent involved in the running of the competition
  3. The maximum number of entries to a competition per person is 1

Minimum Criteria

  1.  A minimum of 20 assessment tests, of 2-3 min each, must be attempted while maintaining a success rate of 60%
  2. Top 200 candidates meeting the eligibility criteria will receive an interview call from Accolite