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It’s long been a challenge for every javascript developer to create fast, flexible and good looking website with events and validations. Angular JS is a great solution for all such problems. This angular js tutorial will help you to learn, what is angular js and how it works.Angular JS is an open source javascript framework, which is used to build single page application. It works on MVC pattern. Structural design and routing framework made it very popular among all developer. AngularJS is similar to JavaScript, it is launched and maintained by Google. Initial development was started in 2010 and officially launched in 2012. AngularJS is most widely used framework across the world.You can easily develop interactive, modern web applications with the Angular. Angular community has been launching new updates in short time, several angular version like angular 2, angular 4 and latest version angular 6 is used by developer to develop fast and responsive website.Some Built in Features: - Angular provide several features like data manipulation, client side validation, unit testing, cross platform development and routing that moved angular to another level.

Did you know about MVC architecture?

In angular MVC pattern comes with HTML and JavaScript. The view describe in HTML and Model and controller defined in Javascript.Events in AngularJS.AngularJS provide many events which are used to manipulate DOM. Dfferent types of event listeners in the angularJS are as follows:

Directives in Angular

Angular Directives is used for update DOM element. Angular has its own set of directives and you can also create your custom directive in Angular. Directives communicate with HTML compiler to change the various DOM elements. Angular directives start with prefix ng-. Here are some Directives of Angular

Controller in Angular
The basic work of a controller is to control the flow of data in the application. In angular, controller is defined using ng-controller directive. Angular UI Bootstrap: - Large communities are using Angular and Bootstrap and sometime it has been used together in an application. All the jQuery component not used in the angular project because jQlite is already included in Angular and it’s not necessary to add jQuery. The UI Bootstrap built by Angular UI team is the best solution for developer who are using angular with bootstrap. Angular has a lots of animation so you can add ngAnimate directive to add extra dependencies. Here are some Angular UI Bootstrap directives.

Angular UI Router: - It is a routing framework for AngularJS. When you are working on the single page application routing is very important. Angular routing module helps to navigate in application without reloading page.Routing is implemented using ngRoute module.

In latest angular js version, components are used instead of directives. Angular 2 component consists template, classes and metadata.

  • Template : Renders application view. It contains HTML code.
  • Class: Classes consists of methods and properties.
  • Metadata: With decorator, data for angular js class can be defined.

    Advantages of Angular JS:-

    • Easy DOM manipulation: - Angular modifies the DOM page automatically instead of adding HTML.
    • Two-way data binding: - Angular provide easy synchronization between Model and view.
    • MVC-architecture: - MVC architecture provide more flexibility and security in application.
    • Big-community support: - Angular built by Google’s engineers and team, so it provide the best support on any issue.
    • Easy implementation of SPA: - Angular provide the easy way to build single page application.
    • Easy to manage Hybrid application: - You can easily create cross platform application with Angular framework.
    • Routing Module: - ngRoute module provide the best routing in an application without reloading the page.
    • Client-side validation: - Client-side validation is inbuilt feature of angular that increase the application security.
    • Use to build high-performance application: - A single page application give the high performance than other application Suitable for every browser and automatically handle the Javascript: - Angular is cross browser compatible and handle the Javascript.

    Conclusion: - AngularJS is an open-source framework and based on secure MVC architecture. The key advantage of AngularJS is two way data binding, with this the value of view and model change automatically.

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