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The Ultimate Guide to Automation Testing

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is used to test particular software by the use of the software. It can be defined as the use of special software (different from the software that is being tested) that compares the actual outcomes with the predicted outcomes and controls the executed tests. The purpose of test automation is to carry out additional tests that are manually difficult or not possible. It is found critical for continuous testing or continuous delivery. Developing great software value and upgrading the test efficiency describes the main agenda of Automation Testing.

Why Test Automation?

The framework of Automation Testing

A set of test automation guidelines can be called a framework that helps to:

Four types of frameworks are used in automation testing that is:

Automation Testing Tools

Selenium is a software testing tool designed for Regression Testing that provides recording and playback facility. However, the only web browser supported by Selenium IDE is Mozilla Firefox.

The main features are:
The advantages are:
Its features are:
The main features are:

Advantages of Automation Testing

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