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Azure- The Innovative Service by Microsoft

Azure is a cloud programming assistance, which was made by Microsoft in the year 2010. It was created for the purpose of creating, extending, and administering operations and ministrations via worldwide hookups of data centers which are managed by Microsoft. It works with several languages of computing, tools and frame of reference which includes applications and systems of third party and also, of Microsoft. It renders SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service). Moreover, a user can create a free account in Azure with the help of Azure Pass.

What is the use of service bus?

Sometimes, an application or assistance, which is running on the cloud, needs to associate itself with the other applications or assistances. Service bus proves itself to be an efficient interacting medium of the applications and assistances on the cloud. Service bus is a cloud assistance, which can be shared by several users.

Moreover, Azure service bus allows the interaction of different applications of the user in numerous ways.


Services provided by Azure

Microsoft provides more than six hundred Azure services. Some of the Azure services are given below.

Azure mobile services
cater push notifications to mobile phones. Furthermore, some applications can be used in advancing, circulating and beta examinating applications of mobile phones.

Azure event hub
caters occurrences telemetry access to the cloud at an enormous extent. They are highly reliable and less dormant. Moreover, an event hub is used to vestige data and information.

Store thousands of messages and access them from anywhere

Azure storage queue is an aid, which helps in saving scads of messages. The messages, which are saved in Azure storage queue, can be creped in from any place of the globe with the help of valid commands. In order to access the azure storage, the user should have a storage account in Azure. An azure storage account can be created via windows azure portal. The maximum size of a message in a single queue is64 KB. Furthermore, queue storage administers tasks, which are not contemporary with each other in order to manage the even flow of the work.

Internet of Things

Azure IoT is the network of electronic devices through which the users can connect and exchange data or information. The Azure IoT hub is an administered assistance, which is present in the cloud. It behaves as the major hub for a communication, which is bi- Azure IoT directional. The communications of the IoT hub are secure and can be directed from the cloud to the device or from the device to the cloud. Moreover, IoT is amongst the most commonly asked Azure interview questions.

Automate the processes of business

Microsoft Biztalk server is an IOMS, which allows the enterprises to automates the processes of business. It uses adapters through which they can establish connection with the numerous software systems. Biztalk server allows integration of application. The communications inside Biztalk server are carried out using XML makeup in XSD standard. The base of the runtime of the server is made on publish and subscribe framework.

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport

The MQTT is a messaging protocol which contains publish and subscribe framework. In MQTT protocol, the bandwidth of the network is restricted. The protocol is ISO standard in which the users interact with a broker. The size of the message in MQTT can vary from 2 bytes to 256 bytes. Furthermore, there are fourteen distinct kinds of messages that are used by a client to communicate with the broker and to publish and acknowledge data.

Azure datacenter locations are more than other cloud assistances. This enables it to serve the people across the globe. Azure data centers are located in approximately 140 countries and across 54 regions of the world. Also, it is aiming towards expanding its data centers to 12 more regions. This will help them to promise high availability and gain trust from its users.

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