Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap has become an essential UI framework for developers to build a creative and beautiful front-end web design. But what is bootstrap, we will learn in this bootstrap tutorial.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open source framework which is used to develop responsive mobile and web application. It is a mixture of HTML, CSS and JS framework. If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS JS you can create Bootstrap forms, buttons, models by using templates that are provided by bootstrap. You can easily include bootstrap file within your project. A bootstrap library files contains three main component: -

  • bootstrap.css: - A bootstrap CSS framework
  • bootstrap.js: - A bootstrap JS framework
  •  glyphicons: - A set of fonts or bootstrap icons.

Apart from these, a bootstrap file required jQuery to execute javascript functions.

How to Get Bootstrap library?

You can download the library form its official getbootstrap website and many other bootstrap download links are also available on the internet.

Bootstrap latest version

The latest bootstrap version that runs on the web is Bootstrap 4.0.0. Bootstrap4 include some new and some old bootstrap3 features.

How to use Twitter Bootstrap?

You can easily integrate Bootstrap in your HTML file. You can download the bootstrap files, open your HTML page in a text editor and add bootstrap CSS and JS file in the head section. You can also use bootstrap from CDN server.

What is Bootstrap CDN?

Bootstrap CDN is a fast Content Delivery Network for bootstrap files. With the use of CDN a user allow to deploy CSS, JS file on the server and remotely access it from anywhere in the project.

What is Bootstrapping?

It is a method through which you can add the module and bootstrap the application. With the bootstrapper method, you can build custom API as per your need.

Why use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap comes with some ultimate features that made it very popular among all developers. Let’s find out some of them.

Mobile-first: - Bootstrap is designed for mobile devices because mobile screen comes in different sizes and pixels. The basic structure of Bootstrap is Mobile-first style as opposed to desktop-first. Mobile-first approach focused on the small screens. Since bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, the framework consists of mobile-first and responsive style throughout the library.

Responsive Design: - Bootstrap used to build responsive design means that design is optimized and fit for every screen size. For example, Mobile, tablet, and desktop, three of them come with various screen size and pixels. A bootstrap designs are fit for all of them.

Browser-friendly: - Bootstrap is compatible with all the current running browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, opera, and others.

Easy-to-use: - With the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you can get started with Bootstrap. It is open-source and easily instigated with HTML file.

Easy-to-customize: - You can easily modify the Bootstrap CSS. It comes with some beautiful and functional built-in-components that can be overrided as per your need.

Uniform Design: - Bootstrap contains a central library that shares the same design templates and styles for all bootstrap components. So the design and layout of your project are consistent until the development is completed.

Time-Sever: - Bootstrap save a lot of time for designing. You can use bootstrap predefined templates and classes in your project.

Components of Bootstrap:

Bootstrap provides many predefined components that are essential for web design and development.

  •    Alert: - Provide feedback message on user action.
  •    Collapse: - Used for show and hide a content.
  •    Carousel: - It is a slideshow for cycling a content.
  •    Buttons: - Bootstrap provide various types of predefined buttons.
  •    Breadcrumb: - Show the current page location.
  •    Input Group: - It put one add-on or a button in an input field.
  •    List Group: - Display a series of component in list way.
  •    Progress: - Provide custom progress bar.

Apart from this Bootstrap provide many components that are used in the design.

Dropdown, Button Group, Navs, Navbar, Pagination, Labels, Badge, Jumbotron, Glyphicons, Page header, Thumbnails, Media object, Wells, Panels etc.

Some of this components required additional Javascript plugins.

What is UI Bootstrap?

As we all know about the bootstrap and angular. Angular is a widely used JavaScript framework and if you add bootstrap with angular they might conflict their behavior because bootstrap uses jquery. So the angular team re-designed the bootstrap framework that is compatible with angular and named it UI Bootstrap.  

Bootstrap interview questions

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  •    What is Twitter Bootstrap?
  •    What is the component of Bootstrap?
  •    What is Bootstrap Grip system?
  •    What is java classloader and how you use it?
  •    What is CDN server and how to include bootstrap CSS CDN?
  •    What is the use of Jumbotron in Bootstrap?
  •    Difference between Bootstrap and Foundation.
  •    What is Bootstrap well?


Last word

Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework that are used throughout the world. You can get thousands of bootstrap blogs and bootstrap CSS download links on the internet with many examples through which you can learn bootstrap online. So that you can easily start bootstrap project and build awesome web-designs.

Some of the many Bootstrap Interview Questions listed below will help you get an idea about what questions gets asked in such jobs related to Software Engineering & Tech. Get through the Bootstrap Interview bar with our selected Bootstrap Interview Questions for all Bootstrap enthusiasts!


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