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Current affairs is a genre of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing at the time of broadcast. This differs from regular news broadcasts that place emphasis on news reports presented for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis. It is also different from the news magazine show format, in that the events are discussed immediately. One really needs to stay updated when it comes to Current Affairs Questions and especially when they want to crack an interview that demands to be well versed with all the upcoming and contemporary issues going round the media. Not only does it increase one’s general knowledge but it also helps tune up the confidence of the individual. Questions about recent affairs and general knowledge are mostly asked in IAS, IBPS and other interviews to test the candidate's ability to adapt to the new environment and to have a clearer idea about the person’s opinion and perception about how he views the world. This will help the interviewers to rectify the candidate’s perception if he goes wrong somewhere and also to curve his view according to that of the workplace. Some of the many Current Affairs Questions listed below will help you get an idea about what questions gets asked in such interviews.


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