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What is DevOps and why it is so important



As people are moving forward in technology, the new things are being invented as well. All man-made item is now being made up by machines. A machine has capability to complete that work with full efficiency and as fast as possible. DevOps is similar, but it would be wrong to say its a machine. Basically, it is an Ideology or you can call it a method which is used to accelerate the software development process. In the current time DevOps method is added with the Cloud computing for faster growth of an organization.


What is DevOps?

So, the DevOps is a methodology or culture and some set of processes that perform together by development and operation team to complete a development process and achieve a goal. It minimizes the development time and increases the efficiency so a team can follow the traditional approach for software development. According to DevOps culture, any single group of Engineers has become DevOps. A developer, QA Tester and system admin combined called as DevOps.


Need for DevOps

In traditional software development, two teams were working on a single project. The First was development and second was operation. The work of developer team was to write code and operation team deploy the same code on the main server. In this process, the chances of code conflicts increases because the developers and operation team working separately on same codebase. Separation means a lack of communication and without good communication, no one can perform well. This problem is solved by DevOps.

Why Company Choose DevOps  

DevOps merge the development of an operation team in a single team so a team can perform well and also it reduces the chances of error. Some of the top IT Company is adopting the DevOps culture. Amazon Web Services (AWS) follow DevOps to increase success rate of the product building and deployment process. On other hand, world’s top IT company Microsoft is also adopting the DevOps culture. As we know that the Microsoft’s Azure is used for host web applications. Azure DevOps is used for easy Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.


Here is some reason about why IT industries choose DevOps for development.  

Accelerate the Development Process: - With the DevOps method a developer and operation team work in a well-organized way. A combined team develop and deploy any software rapidly. In this method, bugs can be easily fixed and errors debugging is very fast.

Automation tools: - Automation process increase the efficiency of the software development process. It also reduces the repeated process of any task that’s why a developer predicts the error-free software. Automation method reduces the chances of errors and fixes the bugs that occur during development and deployment process and it increases the possibility of robust software.

Team Bonding: - It is very important for any company to have their employee and team work together because a combined team perform more rapidly and also in an efficient way on any project. A rapid development makes a good image of any company in front of their clients. If your two teams work together and trust on each other they can perform well on a single project as well as they can do more research and experiment with the software. Working together increase the team bonding and it is very necessary for the initial growth of any company.

Minimize the chances of Failures: - DevOps is used for rapid development. It increases the team engagement, so a working team reduce chances of errors and try to write a neat and clean code. In the DevOps environment when a team gets an error, so the employee can easily debug and solves that problem and this will reduce the development time. With this new culture, the chances of error are reduced 50% than the previous processes.

Processes in DevOps: - As of now, more than 60% of IT companies follow the DevOps culture. It is a continuous process and this process also undergo various stages.

Endless Development: - This stage used for planning and development. In the first step, a team member clear the vision of the project and make a strong plan for development. In the planning stage team divides the task and each and every one try to complete every milestone before the timeline. When team members completed the planning then start coding. It is also called a coding stage.

Continuous Testing: - When a developer ends his coding part, the project goes in the next stage of testing. In this stage, a software tested for bugs. In the testing process, a tester use different types of testing tools like Selenium, TestNG, JUnit or NUnit. This tools are used for automated testing and also helps in creating test cases.

Continuous Deployment: - After the successful development and testing, it is the time that code deployment on the server must be done. In DevOps, the deployment is not completed with two tools. Configuration Management tools and Containerization Tools. The popular configuration tools are puppet, chef etc. Docker is the most popular Containerization tools for automated deployment.

Continuous Monitoring: - In this stage, we monitor the application for bugs and errors. We can’t detect some of the error at the testing time, so this stage is also very essential for any software.


Last Word

DevOps become a powerful method for faster development. Within the timeframe, DevOps turn into Hot-Cake. If you are looking for a career in software field DevOps is the right choice in today’s culture. In 2018 many jobs opportunity came in this field. In 2016 -17 DevOps gained the highest popularity.

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