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.Net Framework and Its Rendition for Development

What is .Net?

The dot net framework is a comprehensive framework of software that works well mainly on Microsoft Windows. It is a comprehensive microsoft net framework of code and software language used for building apps. With its aid, a developer builds a myriad number of apps whether it is mobile apps, desktop apps, web app, gaming apps, IoT or any other apps. It aids in building web app, that are visually appealing, offering secure networking and providing one the ability to carry on a business process.

Microsoft introduced aspx or asp net mvc for including additional features to the versions. Before moving on to understand the different versions and the advantages of .net, let's gain a brief view of what is asp?

What is asp?

The asp full form stands for Active Server Pages. The asp net one of Microsoft’s first server-side script engine, which helps in dynamic generation of pages. The asp net mvc tutorial aids programmers and beginners to understand the various versions in a comprehensive manner.

Version of net framework

Dot Net framework 2.0 – The .net framework 2.0 released in the year 2005. The net framework 2.0 download supports the version of Windows 98 and Windows Me. Some of the changes included in this version are:

Dot Net 3.5 – The net framework 3.5 was released in 2007, which replaced the 2.0 version. This version uses the common language runtime method, which is in similar lines as that of .Net 2.0. The version is compatible with Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Server 2016 and much more. This was replaced by net framework 4.0 for windows 7.

Net Framework 4.0- A dot net framework 4.0 doesn’t hinder with the functioning of other older versions. The advantages of dotnet 4.0 download are as follows:

Java Framework 4.5

The dot net framework 4.5 released on 2012 replaced the microsoft net framework 4.0. The dotnet 4.5 version presents the same Common Language Runtime with some additional features. Core features include:

What are the advantages of using the dot net framework?

The net framework latest version tenders  developers plenty of advantages in programming apps. In comparison to C++ and Visual Basic, a net framework offers the programmer a platform, which simplifies and is compatible with different programming languages. While it is difficult to transfer applications from one language to another, this net application allows easy transfer of projects from one platform into another.

Easy integration into multiple formats

A latest net framework assists in integrating data in multiple media. The data can be integrated with PC, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones and other similar mediums making it easy and compatible for accessing the software anywhere and anytime regardless of which hardware one is currently working on.

Extensive Security and easy installation

With dot net framework, the developers are free to set security based on the need. At the same time, the installation of which is much less complex and problematic in comparison to other formats. Its enhanced usability, flexibility and fewer problems for the network make it the most sought framework. The microsoft net framework 4.0 mvc tutorial renders individuals a detailed outlook of the steps involved as well as the process that is taken up for work.

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