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Manual Testing — Stages, Methods and Process

 Nowadays, every other person uses various apps and software products. Some people use them for fun and some use it to make their lives a little more convenient and easy. But do you have any Idea about the creation of those software products and apps you use every day? Whenever an app or software is created, it has to pass various stages of tests that are done manually and automated as well. Read this article, and you will know everything about Manual Testing.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a type of software testing where professional testers manually use test cases without the use of any automation tools. Manual testing helps in finding bugs in the software and is considered as the most primitive among all the testing types. It is believed that any new application must be tested manually before its testing can be automated.  

Manual testing requires more human effort, but it is necessary before deciding on automation. The best thing about Manual Testing is it does not need the knowledge of any testing tool. Its primary goal is to ensure the application or software is error/bug-free. Manual testing is necessary for good quality software.

Stages of Manual Testing:

The software has to pass through various stages of manual testing before it comes in the market. Whether a software product will be approved or rejected, it entirely depends on the stages of manual testing where it gets tested step by step. 

Unit testing is the first stage of the process of manual testing where a professional developer tests every unit of software and application. In almost every case, the same developer tests the software/application.  It generally has very few inputs and a single output. It is performed by the white box testing method. A unit test is usually called the smallest testable part of a software/application.

Integration testing method is the phase where individual application and software units are combined for their test in the group. The main aim of this integration testing is to find out all bugs as well as errors in the intersection between all the integrated units. It includes modules what was tested in the Unit testing because the purpose of this test is to verify the function and reliability of the modules.  

System testing is the second-last and third step of the manual testing. In this test complete integrated software is tested by the developer. It is the first test among all the three that is performed in the entire system. It turns out to be a very tough and tricky task because a developer doesn't get much time to perform this test. Evaluation of the whole system is the major purpose of this test. The process of system testing test includes the test of behavior, design, and expectation for the customers.

Customer acceptance test is the last but the most important stage of manual testing. In this stage, it is decided whether the application/software is going to work for the customers or not.  Users themselves perform this test. This test determines whether the product is good for the purpose or not. It is also commonly known as Beta Testing. It is presented accurately in the same way as the application/software is going to be introduced to the market.

There are three main methods of manual testing methods:   

Black box testing is the software testing method through which a programmer tests both the functional and non-functional behavior of the application/software. This test is done without looking at the internal structure of the code.  This method can be applied in all the stages of manual testing. This test passes the input data and makes sure that it matches with the output data of the application/software. There are various black box techniques that help developers to find bugs and errors in their projects.

White box testing technique entirely lies in the internal code structure of the application/software. It also helps the developer get information about the structure of the application. It is also commonly known as transparent box testing and glass box testing. It is usually done at the unit level. Developers, not testers mostly use this white box testing.

Gray Box testing method is the third and last method of manual testing.. It is commonly used to fix huge errors in the software and applications. The main aim of this Gray Box Testing is to provide quality assurance and to identify structural problems and bugs.  

Therefore, the concept of manual testing must be clearer to you now. Testing is crucial because before launching a software product, it is essential to make sure that it can be used by the public, and that people will be interested in availing the product.

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