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We all know Node JS for its quick response and non-blocking features. Non-blocking means a request doesn’t wait for another request to finish a task. In fact, a Java Application Server that is mostly used, comes up with blocking features. In this article, we will discuss some old and new aspects of Node JS.

What is Node JS

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that mostly used for server-side web application. Node.JS apply on the real-time application like chat, push notification because it offers a persistent connection from browser to the server. In order to execute the file node JS use chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Why Node JS

JavaScript is not a kind of a language that is suitable for backend development and it will not quite suitable with minimum functionality then why use node js, because Node JS made it possible with its new approach of handling request. Node JS is a perfect choice for any medium size application. JavaScript is one of the worldwide accepted programming language and Node JS itself a world of possibilities. If we compare node js vs php, then node js is preferred specially for real time applications. Node js community is very strong, you can easily find several node js examples.


Node JS is a kind of framework that enables the fast development of an application. Nowadays developers are capable to create a highly-scalable server without using threading. They use a simplified model of an event-drive programming that use callbacks when a task is completed in an application. There are several node version and node latest version is 10.10.0, node js download link are available on

Blocking and Non-blocking I/O

Node JS comes with non-blocking input output features and we already mention this on top of this blog, but what is exactly this features means, now we discuss in detail.

In the blocking method, until the first user data is not printed on the screen, second user request is not initiated. In blocking features we would have to start a new thread for every new user that’s why some framework is not suited for multithreading task. On another side in non-blocking features, you can initiate both users’ data parallel. In these features, no need to wait for the first user response, also you can set up the second user request.

How it works

So if we talk about single threading system, the second request is not completed until first is not completed. Multi-threading system solves this problem to allow multi-threading system. In simple word, if you give 10 task to a CPU, CPU scheduler split this task and gives equal time to all, now CPU can switch between all the tasks and execute it so that task will be completed in a fast way. Switching between the two tasks is very fast.

Features of Node JS

At a present time many frameworks running around, but in case we talk about Node JS, which is the most responsive and fast language which is the current need of modern customers, this fact made this so usable among all other languages. Over the time most of the application based on request-response framework which supports input output blocking that ensures a developer about request and response execution in secured way but at the same time, its execution will be longer. Means until one request is not completed another will not in use and Node JS break this mentality. This framework contain a whole world of possibilities. It breaks the blocking features and maintains two-way communication between client and server in a real-time network using socket. is the most commonly used library of node.js for real time chat applications. Node JS comes with some ultimate features henceforth developers can easily use Node JS in large applications as well. Here we talk about some key features of Node JS that made it more usable than other frameworks, which are as follows.


Application where you can use Node JS

Now it’s time to know about the various application where we can use Node JS. Its non-blocking features made it popular for real-time application. Node JS is mostly used in the application which gives streaming features.


Last word

Node JS is an environment for development that allows JavaScript at server-side coding. Node JS is very popular because of its speed and performance. A Node JS application never hangs and easily support large number of user request at a time. Node JS is also based on events and comes with more features as compare to another framework. Node JS handle various core functionality and allow developers to create web services and networking tools.

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