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Getting Started With Nosql

NoSQL or non-SQL is a process for saving and retrieving information or collection of data. The data in NoSQL is not stored in the form of tables; instead, the data is stored in the form of columns, documents, key values, and graphs. NoSQL is used for storing huge amount of data and actual time applications of web. NoSQL is sometimes referred as Big database because of the huge amount of data it handles. Also, NoSQL performs faster operations when compared to other relational databases because of its makeup of data which is flexible. NoSQL is an open source language. The learners can get their NoSQL tutorial, which will help them to learn more about what is NoSQL.

What is no sql and reason for existence of NoSQL

NoSQL is being preferred now days as it fulfills the technical necessities and modern needs. There are several reasons why NoSQL is being preferred over the other relational databases. Some of the reasons have been given below-

What is NoSQL database?

Primarily, NoSQL db were created for saving non-relational data. They were made to overcome the limitations of the relational databases. The application of NoSQL is in web and cloud.

Generally, there are four different Non SQL db. They are as follows.


Difference between Non-SQL and SQL

Here are some points for NoSQL vs SQL.

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