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If we talk about mobile application, so everybody knows the name of big platforms like Android and IOS and many developers are expert in them. But if we talk about the hybrid app so the first name comes in our mind is React Native. But why it is so popular? Why developers are very much using this framework than others. Let’s find the answers to all the questions.

A React-Native is the only framework who provides safe, fast, flexible and scalable app development process and if we compare it with other mobile app frameworks so no other hybrid app development framework is better than the React Native. Reactive Native comes with thousands of basic features which make it different from others. If you are new to react native and want some information about the core concept of React Native so this tutorial will help you.

What is React-Native?

Basically, React-native is a hybrid app framework which is used for native app development. Native means an app which supports Android, IOS development. Some time ago we have to develop two applications for two different platform. But React-Native solves this problem. With React-Native you can save the time and one code is usable for both platforms. As we know that the react is used as a virtual DOM concept, so a react-native based application run faster. React also reduce the development cost of one application. React-Native is built on top of the React JS but both of them have some similarities and differences. Let’s find out.

React JS is an open source JavaScript library that creates a user interface and on other hand React-Native is a framework that builds a hierarchy of UI components to build native mobile apps.  It has some inbuilt component that is used by both Android and IOS.


Advantages of React Native 

Fast Development: - React native is also following the concept of Virtual DOM. With React Native, you only have to build one app using JavaScript. On the other side, you will require building two different apps (one for iOS and one for Android) for two platforms. With React you can create a native app that runs on both platforms and saves the time of development.

Cost Saving: - With the use of react native you can save 40% cost of development. With only one code you can create a hybrid app that means you will save the money that spent on the building and maintenance of two applications.

Open Source: - React Native is an open source framework. A developer can utilize the framework and its libraries free of cost. React Native comes under the MIT license. This is a permissive software license that puts limited restrictions on the software reuse and also it grants legal protection to a developer.

Live Reload: - React Native is considered as the mobile next step after React. React-Native build on the ideas of React that allows you to create powerful applications for mobile. The ‘live reload’ feature enables you to see the result of the latest change immediately. You can immediately see the effect of what you have changed in your code.

Disadvantages of React Native

React Native framework comes with some glitch which is not addressed yet. Some custom modules are missing from the framework which increases the time of development. React Native is very advance and comes with the prepackaged element. So if you are a beginner in the development field it’s not easy to learn in the short time.


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Last Word

React native is an open source and flexible framework that helps developers to create robust applications using their existing JavaScript libraries. The bonus point over it is that: it is used for faster mobile development and also provides the efficient code sharing facility across cross platforms like Android and IOS  without sacrificing the end user’s experience. If you want to develop mobile applications for more than one platform, you must start with React Native.

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