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When we talk about JS, people suggest various type of framework but what is best one, new and easy. React JS is a name which gets a tremendous success in short time. Today thousands of programmer use React JS. We will not only discuss   benefits of this but why it is best for you let’s find out in this Blog.

What is React JS?

React also known as magic JS is basically an open source JavaScript library and used for building attractive user interface. The React JS is used for developing single page application which is faster than other applications. Most of the popular Social media network is using React JS for faster performance.  It contains several unique features which make it very popular. React JS is not only performing well on the client side but it also be rendered on the server side. In the React JS client and server works together.

 How it works

So, as we know that all application that is running on the web uses HTML. In the beginning of software field, all the programmers worked on HTML language. In 1996 JavaScript was invented. JavaScript interact with HTML DOM (Document Object Model). After the JavaScript invention, many javascript framework like  jQuery was launched that interact with Real DOM. In 2009 Google launched Angular JS that changed the method of development. Angular JS is a powerful tool for front-end development. It gives the full-fledged option to a developer for front-end development. React JS is same but different from Angular and gives more flexibility and efficiency.  React JS launched the ultimate concept of Virtual DOM. Whenever a coder wants to change anything in the code, changes are not pushed to Real DOM directly but instead it is pushed to virtual DOM. That makes it fast.

Basically React.js creates HTML from JavaScript. As we know react JS is written in JSX (JavaScript XML).  React JS used a transpiler that also called Babel. Babel converts JSX into JavaScript and the code you put into your HTML code to create content.

Advantages of React JS

React JS allows developers to create large applications with full of flexibility. You can change the data without reloading the page. It used for developing a beautiful user interface. React is fast, simple and scalable.

High Performance and Virtual DOM: - As we know React JS is used for faster development and the core reason behind it is Virtual DOM. With the virtual DOM react js create simple, large and scalable applications. When we do some changes in the code, changes are applied to virtual DOM first then the successful compiled  code is pushed in Real HTML DOM. This method gives better user experience and higher app performance.

React-Native: - You can build hybrid apps using React Native. Native means at a same time you can create an application which will run on Android, IOS and web platform.

SEO friendly: - React is used for native applications which render fast on the web.  React can run on the server, rendering and returning virtual DOM to the browser as regular web pages. The biggest issue with JavaScript framework is that they are not search-engine friendly and React JS solve this problem.

Easy to learn: - React is very simple and easy to learn. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS can learn this. Other JavaScript frameworks are domain specific and they need a strong knowledge of oops.

What is Redux: - Redux is a framework which controls the states in JavaScript app. There are many states in an app. Every state will change depends on user behavior or time. Redux framework is designed to control the states and ease the overall debugging process. Redux extends the flux idea.

Interview questions for React JS

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Last word

React JS is very adaptable and progressive that's why thousands of software companies are working on it.  React native change the way app communicate with software and hardware and React increase the efficiency of a software. Facebook, Instagram, and other big social networking sites are using React JS for flexibility.

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