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What is Spring ?

Spring is one of the most popular application development framework for Java. Many developers around the globe are using Spring Framework to create application in order to achieve high performance and code reusability. Spring framework is an open source Java platformdeveloped by Rod Johnson, released under the Apache 2.0 license in June 2003. There are many online java spring tutorial available like spring javatpoint, java4s spring to learn and create basic spring applications.


Important features of spring framework are as follows:

   1) Lightweight framework for application development.

   2) Spring MVC framework can be used to create web applications and restful web services which can return XML or JSON response.

   3) Dependency Injection or Inversion of Control to write components are independent of each other.

   4) Spring IoC container manages Spring Bean life cycle and project related configurations like JNDI lookup.

   5) Easy transaction management, JDBC operations, File uploading, Exception Handling.

   6) Spring is also known for its modular approach. Even though the number of packages and classes are substantial, developer only have to include what they need and ignore the rest.


Advantages of Spring Framework are as follows:

   1) Reduces amount of code by initializing objects, open/close resources. JdbcTemplate class helps you in removing all the boiler-plate code that comes with JDBC programming.

   2) We can quickly write a test configuration and inject mock beans for testing. Writing unit test cases are very easy in Spring framework since business logic doesn’t have any direct dependencies with actual resource implementation of classes.

   3) Reducing direct dependencies between different components of the application, usually Spring IoC container is responsible for initializing resources or beans and inject them as dependencies.

   4) Spring framework also supports java EE features.

   5) Spring framework is divided into different modules, which helps us in keeping your application lightweight. If you don’t need Spring transaction management features, then no need to add that dependency to your project.


Here are some spring interview questions to crack interviews easily:

   What is Spring Framework?

   What are the important features and benefits of Java Spring Framework?

   What do you understand by Dependency Injection?

   How do we implement DI in Spring Framework?

   What is the difference between Spring AOP and AspectJ AOP?

   What are the benefits of using Spring Tool Suite?

   Name some of the important Spring Modules?

   What do you understand by Aspect Oriented Programming?

   What is Spring IoC Container?

   What is a Spring Bean?

   What is the importance of Spring bean configuration file?

   What are different ways to configure a class as Spring Bean?

   What are different scopes of Spring Bean?

   What is Spring Bean life cycle?

   How to get ServletContext and ServletConfig object in a Spring Bean?

   What is Bean wiring and @Autowired annotation?

   What are different types of Spring Bean autowiring?

   Does Spring Bean provide thread safety?

   What is a Controller in Spring MVC?

   What is DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener?

   What is ViewResolver in Spring?

   What is a MultipartResolver and when its used?

   How to handle exceptions in Spring MVC Framework?

   How to create ApplicationContext in a Java Program?

   Can we have multiple Spring configuration files?

   What is ContextLoaderListener?

   What are the minimum configurations needed to create Spring MVC application?

   How would you relate Spring MVC Framework to MVC architecture?

   How to achieve localization in Spring MVC applications?

   How can we use Spring to create Restful Web Service returning JSON response?

   What are some of the important Spring annotations you have used?

   Can we send an Object as the response of Controller handler method?

   What are the best practices for Spring Framework?

   How to upload file in Spring MVC Application?

   What is Spring MVC Interceptor and how to use it?

   What is Spring JdbcTemplate class and how to use it?

   How to use Tomcat JNDI DataSource in Spring Web Application?

   How would you achieve Transaction Management in Spring?

   How to integrate Spring and Hibernate Frameworks?

   What is Spring Security?

   How to inject a java.util.Properties into a Spring Bean?

   Name some of the design patterns used in Spring Framework?

   How to validate form data in Spring MVC Framework?


Spring framework is the broad set of strategies that supports different kinds of enterprise applications without much efforts. Using the Spring framework, developer can write efficient, testable and versatile code for web as well as mobile platform like Android.

Spring helps programmers to overcome many issues includes the idea of dependency injection or how various code modules depend on one another. Spring helps developer to correctly label and configure classes and code elements for efficient and accurate use. Spring also help with many other aspects of programming like job scheduling and authentication.

Summary: Spring is an open source application development framework for Java. It is most widely used java based framework to create application in order to achieve high performance and code reusability. It supports web as well as mobile platforms.

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