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Struts 2 is more robust and works on a reliable architecture. It is scalable through which you can easily develop any size of application. With this struts tutorial, you can easily understand strut meaning and its functionality.  

Struts is a flexible open source framework which is used for developing Web application in Java. Struts design is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Struts framework is maintained by Apache foundation. Struts version 1.0 was released in June 2000.

Java strut framework is the most popular MVC based among all java frameworks used to develop web-based application. It is time saver framework because it comes with series of tools and components that gives speed in development. Struts was released under the Jakarta subproject of Apache software foundation and come with open source license.

Struts 2 is the combination of webwork framework and struts 1. It was originally known as webwork 2. Later they combined and produce the new version and named it as struts 2.

Struts 2= webwork + struts 1

Structure of struts

Strut works on Model-View-Controller design pattern.

In the MVC architecture, a controller connects user request to appropriate action and this job is done with the help of FilterDispatcher. Model layer contains the business logic and data. These are implemented by an action component. View layer implemented by JSP, Freemaker, Velocity Template or various other presentation-layer technique.

 Components of Struts


Apart from these, there are many other components of struts such as CORBA, EJB, JavaBeans, Model components, JDO etc.

Struts 2 is the advanced version of Java Struts framework and it comes with new features.


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Last word: - Struts is a very popular framework to develop web-based application. There are many struts 2 tutorial available on the internet where you can learn to how develop scalable application using struts.

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