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What is UiPath ?

UiPath is a Windows desktop (RPA) Software which is designed to strengthen business analysts to automate business processes of their companies.

It is a tool based, repetitive task, reduces the human power and, scalability. It contains less code like other scripting language.

UiPath works on flow-chart and element activities. It provides

1) Change management

2) Deployment management

3) Access control

4) Process modeling

5) Remote execution and scheduling

6) Execution monitoring and auditing

 It has three main products:

UiPath Studio – This is an advanced tool that enables you to design automation processes through diagrams.

UiPath Robot – This execute processes built in Studio. Robots can work without human involvement.

UiPath Orchestrator - Web application which enables you to deploy, monitor and manage Robots and processes, while business exception handling is managed through centralized work queues.

Workflow Types and Activities

Many types of workflows are available in Studio using sequences, flowcharts and transactional business processes that help you build your automation workflow as per your needs.

In order to create these workflows, you need activities. Around 300 of these activities exist, and they help you to interact with web browsers, desktop apps, PDFs, images, databases, terminals,  email accounts and many more.

 Recorder Functionality

The most easiest way to create workflows is by using the record feature. Four types of recordings are available: Basic, Desktop, Web and Citrix. The first two can support you to automate desktop applications, while the others enable you to properly handle web apps and virtual environments.

 Robots and Orchestrator

Robots can interact with a large amount of applications in the same time. Orchestrator is used to manage multiple deployed Robots easily. This type of environment is usually found in large enterprises, that need to automate many business processes together. First of all you need to register your Robot(s). After this, you need to group them together in an environment for execution.

Workflows which are published to this platform have to be linked to an environment before you start execution.

You can also run a process on one or multiple Robots, with specified number of them or with all the Robots that are grouped in an environment.

 Assets and Queues

Whenever Robots need to share information, a special kind of variables are introduced in Orchestrator that is assets. These enable you to store information in the web or app database, so that changing a value that is used in multiple processes is very easy, and several Robots can have access to it.

UiPath also makes use of work queues to distribute the load of transactional process among multiple Robots. They can also be scheduled to begin before or after a certain date, and detailed information in each queue item can be viewed whenever required.

Top Interview questions for UiPath:

1) What is RPA.

2) What is the difference between UiPath and Automation

3) What are the benefits of using RPA?

4) What is Workflow in UiPath?

5) What are Variables in UiPath?

6) What is Flow Decision in UiPath?

7) How do you create a project in UiPath?

8) How many types of control diagrams are there in UiPath?

9) What are the key features of sequences in UiPath?

10) What is Do While Activity in UiPath?

11) What is For Each Activity in UiPath?

12) What is namespace and how to import them in UiPath?

13) What is project debugging in UiPath?

14) What is Citrix Automation in UiPath

15) What is Automatic Recording in UiPath?

16) Do you have any experience in virtual machine automation?

17) Difference between UiPath vs Selenium?

18) What is UiPath Automation?

19) What are UI Activities Properties in UiPath?

20) What is Delay Activity in UiPath?

21) What is Break Activity in UiPath?

22) Explain about Recording in UiPath Studio?

23) How many data types are available in UiPath?

24) What is state machine in UiPath?

25) How do you install chrome Extension for UiPath Studio?

26) What is package manager in UiPath?

27) What are sequence activities in UiPath?

28) What are Recording Types in UiPath?

29) What are arguments in UiPath?

30) What are Flowchart activities in UiPath?

31) What are Activities in UiPath?

32) What is Value and Scope of data types in UiPath?

33) What are properties in UiPath?

34) What is Flowchart in UiPath?

35) What is Flow Switch in UiPath?

36) What is branching in UiPath RPA?

37) What is If Activity in UiPath?

38) What is Switch Activity in UiPath?

39) What is While Activity in UiPath?

40) What are the types of projects in UiPath?

41) What is a single block activity in UiPath?

42) How do you activate UiPath Studio licence?

43) How do you connect your project to a Source Control System like SVN and TFS in UiPath?

44) What is tracing and how do you enable tracing in UiPath?

45) What are Control Flow Activities in UiPath?

46) What is the Assign Activity in UiPath?

47) How do you perform Data Scraping in UiPath?

48) What are Selectors and Wildcards in UiPath?


Conclusion: - For big companies, BPOs and many shared services which uses large scale, high-volume human labor, UiPath RPA technology enhances business innovation and profitability. With UiPath we can also get proper real-time exposure.

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